Happy Ben and Fran Day!
After five very long years, I’m delighted that Ben and Fran are back via In the Company of Vampires. I’ve loved both of them for so long, and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to be able to write them into the adult world. Be sure to check out all of the Ben and Fran silliness (who knew Dark Ones did Facebook?), excerpt, discussion, and details, as well as the books that started it all: Confessions of a Vampire’s Girlfriend.

Ben and Fran Questions?
I have answers! If you’re confused about In the Company of Vampires containing characters from my young adult vamp books, trot over to the Ben and Fran History post that explains everything.

Wallpapers Galore!
In my attempt to get ready for the release of In the Company of Vampires, I’ve reorganized and updated the Fun Stuff page with handy links to a bunch of wallpapers and more, including a nice one of Ben. An additional official book wallpaper will be released on publication day (Nov. 3rd).

New Contemporary?
Yup, my muse decided that it wanted to write a new non-paranormal contemporary book. It did it in six days. Scary thought, huh? The working title is It’s Greek To Me, and I’ll have news about its pub date just as soon as I know it.

New Cover!
The stepback covers for the second Baltic book is in. You can check out every morsel of its glory here for the main cover and here for the inside cover.

New Stuffs!
The new bookmarks and postcards are being sent out now! If you don’t have yours (or a signed bookplate), head over to the Fun Stuff page on my newly redesigned site to check out the PDF Freebies Order Form.

Twitter Me, Baby!
If you are a Twitter fan, you can now find me there. I’ve also updated my bio page to reflect my Facebook page, and other social networking sites.


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November 2010

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